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HTML5 interview questions and answers

Q 1- What is the difference between HTML and HTML5 ?
Ans: HTML5 is nothing more then upgraded version of HTML where in HTML5 Lot of new future like Video, Audio/mp3, date select function , placeholder , Canvas, 2D/3D Graphics, Local SQL Database added so that no need to do external plugin like…


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18 Great Tips to Increase Page Rank

How to increase page rank – is a question, which keeps challenging webmasters since long time. Because increase page rank brings the authority to rule the web.
Page rank is Google’s measurement of how authoritative or popular a website is, on a scale of 1 to 10. Where 10 implies the most…

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Php Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2

1- Why doesn’t the following code print the newline properly? <?php $str = ‘Hello, there.nHow are you?nThanks for visiting techpreparation’; print $str; ?>
Because inside the single quotes the n character is not interpreted as newline, just as a sequence of two characters – and…

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